Meet Boobs4Food SF

Jessica Chen, Co-Founder

By day Jess is a Recruiter (aka Matchmaker for Professionals) on a daily quest to help companies find motivated and skilled contributors to build out their teams. On the flip side, Jess also identifies worthwhile opportunities for jobseekers to get them closer to more a satisfying work life.

Boobs4Food SF: @USCJessC

Boobs4Food SF: @USCJessC

Why you love food: I love food because I grew up with a Grandma who was an amazing cook, an Uncle who was a chef and makes the best Ginger and Green Onion Crab in Clay Pot and because I grew up in a Chinese Restaurant… having been hostess, eggroll+potsticker wrapper/dishwasher since the tender age of 10. I will always oink for 1-pot meals braised in my favorite Le Creuset enameled cast-iron pot.

What volunteering/fighting the hunger epidemic means to you: I’ve been lucky enough to have lived a life where I’ve never had to wonder where my next meal comes from. With the blessed life I live, it is my responsibility to help those in need and organize ways for our generation to give back in an accessible and worthwhile way. Often times it’s not a lack of desire to help others but sometimes lack of available opportunities within grasp. B4F gets everything ready to go – supporters just have to show up.

When you’re not involved w/ Boobs4Food, we’d find you… eating, cooking, traveling, keeping Operation: Sexy Beast alive by working out, offering sock-in-your-face commentary on life, being passion in progress and singing with a kitchen utensil “microphone” at family gatherings.

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Liberty Huang, Co-Founder

By day, Liberty (aka Cousin Coug) is the VP of Business Development at WebJuice, an online marketing company. Liberty has been in the internet space since the Web 1.0 days and has worked for companies such as Zappos & Deloitte. She loves her job because she gets to be around nerds all day long. Her first O’Reilly book was on the fascinating subject of DNS.

Boobs4Food SF: @CousinCoug

Boobs4Food SF: @CousinCoug

Why you love food: Food brings me to life. I am at my best when I’m eating with my dear friends and family and the best times of my life have been when I’m eating. Food has the power to make me feel so many different emotions at once. Food has always connected my family together especially through our Uncle Jerry’s cooking at our family restaurant Abacus. My favorite foods are the ones that are hardening my arteries at this moment.

What volunteering/fighting the hunger epidemic means to you: Fighting hunger is important to me because food is such an integral part of my life and is a basic human necessity. I cannot imagine what it is like for someone not knowing when their next meal is. If we can help one person, one family feel that security then our group will have accomplished what we have set out to do.

When you’re not involved w/ Boobs4Food, we’d find you… Planning my next meal. At the dog park with my dog Biggie Smalls. Working out so I can eat something fattening afterwards. Sipping on single malt scotch. Listening and dancing to pop music. On a plane around the world.

Check back regularly for Liberty’s feature section on “Cousin Coug’s Corner

Robert Chen, Co-Founder

By day, Robert aka “DJ TYCO RC” is a recent college graduate with a Business Administration degree in Marketing in Sales at a Bay Area import/export company. By night, Robert can be found dj-ing hiphop, electro & current hits at clubs and events around the Bay.

Boobs4Food SF: @DJTycoRC

Boobs4Food SF: @DJTycoRC

Why you love food: I love food because it not only satisfies my huge appetite, but I love food because there is always something new to try and flavors to taste. I love to eat a bowl of beef stew noodle soup or a bowl of ramen, and I enjoy eating breakfast foods at all times of the day. I like my proteins but at the end of the day I love my pastas.

What volunteering/fighting the hunger epidemic means to you: I realize food always comes and go, and sometimes given financial circumstances, people either can’t eat well or just can’t eat all. I’m grateful that all my life I haven’t had to worry about food so  I try to do my part to help others to have access to food.

When you’re not involved w/ Boobs4Food, we’d find you…  at the gym playing basketball, at home practicing on my turntables & MPC, or eating (just ask my sisters).

Katherine Chen, Co-Founder

By day, Kat is in Business Development at an online marketing company in Silicon Valley. She’s been in the Web 2.0 space for four years, with close to ten years of advertising & marketing experience. By night, you will find her involved with other non-profits & volunteer groups including  BigBrothersBigSisters of Bay Area – Young Professionals Committee.

Why you love food: Food is what connects humankind. No matter the economic status of one’s family, people show their love with food across the globe. I was fortunate to experience that love as a little girl, watching our grandmother cook for a family of 11 people in our house with what little means she had. From then on, from fried chicken to caviar, I love it all (and it shows in my waistline). Food comforts me when I am happy, stressed, sad or upset, so I am pretty much eating all the time. Don’t worry, I always share so pull up a seat & dig in with me.

What volunteering/fighting the hunger epidemic means to you: I am blessed to be able to eat what I want, when I want. It is unfair that so many others in the general population have to worry about something called “food security”. Hunger is an epidemic we can help out, one person at a time. With so much abundance & excess in our world, it is heartbreaking to know there are folks out there, strangers or someone we know, that must worry about how to get their next meal.

When you’re not involved w/ Boobs4Food, we’d find you…  eating then back at the gym working out to make room for another eating adventure or playing Basketball & Badminton. In Los Angeles, you’d find me hiking Griffith or Temescal with @LifeWithAWhisk. You’d also probably find me sipping single malt scotch and enjoying all things with dark full flavors (black coffee, dark chocolate, red wine, cigars).

L-R: Katherine Chen, Liberty Huang & Jessica Chen

L-R: Katherine Chen, Liberty Huang & Jessica Chen

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