Boobs4Food Eats: PetrossianWeho

All the Cool Kids Are Doing It
The intersection at Robertson and Beverly in West Hollywood is one I try to avoid at all costs during the work day, especially the unprotected left turning south on Robertson — you’ll be there for days during rush hour!  After the sun sets, however, the cross street is a [...]

2009 in Boobs4Food Eats: Borough Market

To Market, To Market
Doing the necessary dining research for London, it became clear that we would have to pay a visit to Borough Market for its food stalls.  I love California farmers’ markets more for its bounty of fresh produce than the omelettes, tamales, and vegan Korean banchan stalls, but with this marketplace just past [...]

2009 in Boobs4Food Eats: Fu Hang Dou Jiang 阜杭豆漿

Chinese Breakfast.
I frequently dream of Chinese breakfast fare, but rarely allow myself the have it.  On the rare occasions that I throw caution to the wind, stateside (specifically in the greater Los Angeles area) Yi-Mei in Monterey Park is where it’s at for Chinese crullers, egg and green onion omelettes wrapped in tortilla-like skins, and [...]

2009 in Boobs4Food Eats: Comerç 24

Comerç 24
Our next stop back into 2009 Eats with Boob4Food brings us to Barcelona, Spain. I realize this is another European meal, and maybe it has to do with the relaxation of being on vacation, seizing the opportunity to indulge in a city’s best food, and the feeling of not having a care in the [...]

2009 in Boobs4Food Eats: Le Chateaubriand

Le Chateaubriand
Another hard-to-book table that we miraculously scored in Paris was at Le Chateaubriand.  We were famished from running around the City of Lights all day, but this meal was an opportunity that we weren’t about to pass up.  They switched out our server for an English-speaking one that was handsome, effortlessly charming, and [...]

2009 in Boobs4Food Eats: Spring

Comerç 24

Pre-New Year’s Dinner in the Castro at Starbelly.

With the recent visit of @LifeWithAWhisk for the Xmas holiday – we decided to bring her out to a few SF favorites around town since we’d been cooped up in the house for the majority of the holiday. On her last evening in SF, we took her to Starbelly.
Starbelly, sister restaurant to SF staple Beretta, [...]

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