Loving your Community is more than honoring the 4th of July

As Boobs4Food embarks on a mid-year vacation to Hawaii, our favorite detox’n’grub locale for rest and relaxation, we’re honoring volunteerism as our mid-year passion in progress theme. In honor of last month, April, being National Volunteer Month, and our return to Hawaii to vacation and to volunteer again, our upcoming trip this week is a [...]

Boobs4Food SF May2010: National Kidney Foundation Walk 5/8

We are quite attached to our kidneys.
Please join Team Boobs4Food as we support one of our founding members Cassandra Gee at the National Kidney Foundation Walk SF on Saturday May 8, 2010 10:00am – 12:30pm. Dogs, Kids, Strollers, Friends of Friends are all welcome!

The National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Walk is a non-competitive, fundraising walk [...]

Boobs4Food SF Feb2010: From LA to the Bay

From LA to the Bay:
DDL Roundhouse w/ Special Guest League510
When: Saturday February 20,2010 5:00pm
Where: Element Lounge, 1028 Geary Blvd. San Francisco, CA
Why: Boobs4Food SF’s Canned Food Drive benefiting SF’s Chinatown Community Development Center
More Info:
Chinatown Community Development Center
Element Lounge

2010: Ready to Fight Hunger with Passion & a Hairnet

It’s hard to believe we only launched Boobs4Food 7 months ago…

Armed with a couple ideas, inspiration from our friends over at MO2H, a big appetite and a whole lot of commitment to give back to communities by fighting hunger, Boobs4Food would like to thank YOU for your continued support along this crazy ride. [...]

Between the Covers: Food, Love Is Our Killer App

Boobs4Food was built on many thoughts, moments, meals – all of which have been inspiration to us being Boobs4Food.
In our world, food is synonymous with love. Food is how we primarily express our affection, our compassion and our passion. We not only love to eat, but we also get around to reading quite a bit [...]

PerfectPushups: Navy SEAL Inspiration for PiP

It’s January 3rd, 11:03pm, and I’ve just been inspired to start a new section of Boobs4Food called, Passion in Progress.
The funny backstory is that Passion in Progress was semi-inspired by *drumroll* – a casual reference to the popular fitness equipment, Perfect Push-Ups while on Twitter. My dear blogger and twitter friend @michellewoo had mentioned in [...]

Passion in Progress: PiP – the acronym of life

Everyone knows, I’m a lover of acronyms.
It’s practically impossible to ever have a full conversation with me without me dropping in such acronyms as OSB (Operation: Sexy Beast), SOY (Summer of Yes), FOF (Fall of Fun), WOW (Winter of Weeee!), TOYL (Time of Your Life) – just to name a few, or five in this [...]

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