1. What is Boobs4Food? Boobs4Food is a volunteer supported organization committed to bridging passion for food and passion to feed. We organize monthly volunteer events, open to the public, with hunger fighting/awareness agencies.
  2. Who is Boobs4Food? Boobs4Food was founded by sisters Katherine Chen, Jessica Chen and Patricia Chen and cousin Liberty Huang, who all share the same love for food and Robert Chen. Boobs4Food as a whole is made up of food lovers who have the desire to empower their love of food to feed those in need, by turning passion into action. Fellow team leaders include Christina Abellera, James Park, Casey Chang, Clarissa Wong & Margaux Knecht.
  3. When & how did “Boobs4Food” originate? Boobs4Food was formed in July of 2009. Given our appreciation for food since we were kids and having been taught very early on how to cook by our Grandma Huang, we would constantly joke around how we are “Boobs4Food” . We became passionate about trying the newest, greatest, delicious and most unique offerings in the culinary arts. We have now turned our passion for food and all things delicious into passion to feed others.
  4. What is the purpose of Boobs4Food? The purpose of Boobs4Food is to empower everyone from you & I, along with food lovers around the world, to transform their love of food to fight hunger.
  5. What organizations does Boobs4Food support? We have coordinated events with hunger related agencies around the USA including 2nd Harvest, Share Our Strength/Taste of the Nation, Food Forward LA, San Francisco Food Bank, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, Hawaii Food Bank, Glide Memorial, Project Angel Food, Project Open Hand, Food Runners & The Midnight Mission. Boobs4Food looks forward to organizing events around the United States and outside of the U.S. in the coming months. Look out for a Boobs4Food volunteer event near you!
  6. Isn’t Boobs4Food a bit of a shocking name for an organization? Some find it shocking but we say it is a bold & unforgettable name that brings awareness to a worthwhile cause. At the end of the day, breasts are the first source of nourishment for all of humankind. We are 100% behind what the name Boobs4Food represents.
  7. What if we don’t have boobs? To have boobs is not a requirement at all. To be passionate about fighting hunger is the only requirement.
  8. Will I have to show boobs? Boobs do not have to or need to be on display. We actually prefer they are covered up during our events, as many of our events require some lifting, sorting & cooking in front of a hot stove or oven.
  9. Who or what does Boobs4Food benefit? Boobs4Food benefits many people who are hungry and without sufficient means to know what their next meal is. Boobs4Food also benefits the participants who are looking to give back to the community in an accessible and meaningful way.
  10. How can I participate in upcoming Boobs4Food events? We can be reached by phone and email. Please sign up on our distribution list and we will let you know about the latest & greatest of upcoming Boobs4Food events. Check back regularly on www.boobs4food.com or follow us on Instagram @Boobs4Food or  Twitter at www.twitter.com/boobs4food to get info on our events.
  11. Am I required to attend every Boobs4Food event? We understand everyone’s busy and are grateful to see each of your faces at our events. You are not required to attend every event, however, we do encourage everyone to come as often as they like and bring a friend or two or ten.
  12. Am I allowed to bring friends or children? Yes, we encourage you to bring friends & family to our volunteer events. Please let us know approximately how many to expect as the organizations we support often need a definite head count to assign us the proper workload distribution. We will let you know if kids are allowed at each event, as some facilities might not be suitable for kids.  Other than that, we believe the more the merrier!
  13. How can I get Boobs4Food to organize a future event with my organization? Please email us at info@boobs4food.com with your organization name, website, contact info and how many volunteers you are looking to place in a shift. We can come solo or with an army of volunteers.
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