Swine & Meat Lovers Unite on Dreary Saturday in Golden Park for BBQ, Booze & Bubbly

Boobs4Food SF spent Labor Day 2009 under overcast skies, drizzle, braving SF elements for some really good bbq, bubbly, booze & bacon brittle cupcakes.
What do you get when @CoreyNead @LineCook @HotFoodPorn & @Chicharrones join forces on a Saturday afternoon in Golden Gate Park? A super awesome delicious high-low bbq of sorts featuring fellow crazy [...]

Boobs4Food On The Road: “ALOHA” at the Hawaii Food Bank

Boobs4Food keeps the hunger fighting movement alive even while on holiday in Hawaii…
Less than 72 hours before our trip to Oahu – Team Boobs4Food decided to re-contact Hawaii Food Bank to see if they were open to having us lend a helping hand. Since our greater goal here at Boobs4Food is to bring hunger [...]

Boobs4Food SF Takes Over SF Food Bank: August2009

Thank you all who came out to support Team Boobs4Food SF Saturday, August 15, 2009 and our mission to fight hunger at the SF Food Bank.
Can you believe we packed over 3000lbs. of frozen penne pasta and 1500lbs. of frozen green beans??? Pretty amazing what 30 pairs of hands can accomplish in just THREE hours.
It’s [...]

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