Loving your Community is more than honoring the 4th of July

As Boobs4Food embarks on a mid-year vacation to Hawaii, our favorite detox’n’grub locale for rest and relaxation, we’re honoring volunteerism as our mid-year passion in progress theme. In honor of last month, April, being National Volunteer Month, and our return to Hawaii to vacation and to volunteer again, our upcoming trip this week is a [...]

Boobs4Food SF May2010: National Kidney Foundation Walk 5/8

We are quite attached to our kidneys.
Please join Team Boobs4Food as we support one of our founding members Cassandra Gee at the National Kidney Foundation Walk SF on Saturday May 8, 2010 10:00am – 12:30pm. Dogs, Kids, Strollers, Friends of Friends are all welcome!

The National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Walk is a non-competitive, fundraising walk [...]

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