All things fall.

Thanksgiving is just about a week away and I’m only now remotely getting into the swing of things. I think it’s this “amazing” Southern California weather that has been keeping the excitement of the holidays at bay — I don’t know how Floridians don’t just skip Thanksgiving and Christmas altogether and go straight to Memorial [...]

In crumb we trust.

Crumb muffins are hard to resist. Everyone loves the flour/brown sugar/butter combination, and it’s difficult not to throw it on top of any baked good — bread, seasonal fruit, coffee cake: it all works!
Kayte of Grandma’s Kitchen Table chose this week’s Tuesday’s With Dorie assignment: Allspice Crumb Muffins. The batter was so easy and painless [...]

Piece Of My Tart.

The only tart I was familiar with growing up was the shortcrust pastry filled with vanilla custard and topped with out-of-season fruits lacquered by a saccharine sweet, congealed substance that is ubiquitous at all Chinese bakeries, but seen most often at Sheng Kee establishments (I am a Norcal girl, after all). It was never that [...]

So Many Choices!

I’m one of those people that given too many options, I can never make a decision. Particularly at a good brunch, bakery, or cocktail bar, mulling can take upwards of a very long while. It isn’t such a good time for people I’m with, and I feel the pressure of their anticipation (which is usually [...]

The Colors Are A Changing!

Summer, as Angelenos know it, has only recently gotten under way.
People all over the country may herald its arrival with their Memorial Day bar-b-ques and balmy nights, but our unbearable heat has only been consistent over the past couple of weeks, and is sure to surge at least twice more before Halloween. Oh, Indian summer, [...]

Back In The Swing of Things

I’ve been so busy.
No, really. I know it seems like that’s my most common declaration, but the past several weeks have been one event after another. Starting with July birthdays, there has been hardly a second to breathe. My sister’s visit early on meant lots of goodies were to be baked, to throw her off [...]

A Big Kid Brownie

Katharine Hepburn first struck me as something special since I first saw her in “Woman of the Year”. Her poise,confidence, and talent translated in every subsequent film I’ve seen her and she had a regal quality about her that made me feel like she could be a queen living among the masses. With the selection [...]

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