PerfectPushups: Navy SEAL Inspiration for PiP

It’s January 3rd, 11:03pm, and I’ve just been inspired to start a new section of Boobs4Food called, Passion in Progress.

The funny backstory is that Passion in Progress was semi-inspired by *drumroll* – a casual reference to the popular fitness equipment, Perfect Push-Ups while on Twitter. My dear blogger and twitter friend @michellewoo had mentioned in her Twitter that she was doing push-ups. Here’s how the tweet-versation went:

@michellewoo: boys push ups are so hard! Props to boys!
@uscjessc: @michellewoo using Matt’s Perfect PushUps? I hear every guys has a set! LOL!
@michellewoo: @uscjessc
Yes, I love it! But for girl pushups.

Well low and behold, hours later, a @aldenmills messages to me…and others:

@aldenmills: Keep up the gr8 feedback!! Thx:@uscjessc
@aldenmills: HOOYAH if you are correct! RT @uscjessc @michellewoo Using Perfect Pushups. I hear every guys has a set! LOL!

My first thought as I read the messages to me was, who is this Alden Mills?!!? Turns out Alden Mills is a former Navy Seal and CEO of Perfect Fitness (Perfect Pushup/Pullup inventor). I have always wondered who bought these fitness gadgets and have since discovered, practically every guy has a set – or wishes he did. I decided to check out the website of Alden Mills and was inspired by his entries about unlocking ones potential given his Navy SEAL background. I’m like a kid in a candy shop for all of that “be the best you can be” type of inspiration. Well, one of his blog entries inspired me think about what PiP is going to be about and how we are going to keep it alive. Aldern Mills made it pretty clear with his “success triangle“:

passion + purpose + persistent action = success.

passion + purpose + persistent action = success

passion + purpose + persistent action = success

Everyday, so many of us cruise along in our semi ho-hum lives letting our lives dictate what we do instead of us controlling the life we live. We’re all guilty of it at some point. Passion In Progress is going to be a mini-escape and/or a blog of inspiration for some of the best of what life has to offer – and maybe, PiP will help unleash a bit of your innerbeast and unlock some of your percolating passion, purpose and action that will truly make all of our lives even greater! We’re saying no to “half-@$$ness” and yes to passion in progress! What is your passion!? Sound off!


Come back and visit again soon as this is still a work in progress!

- Jess
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